Bună ziua! 👋

My name is Culi (kuh-lee). I use they/them or he/him pronouns. I play with code a lot (currently mainly JS, TS, Ruby, and Python), but if you're here for that you probably meant to check out my portfolio site! Although I really enjoy coding, code tends to mainly act as the glue that allows me to tie together my varied interests including, but not limited to:

  • botany
  • citizen science
  • editing Wikipedia (another hobby that tends to be a "glue")
  • building community
  • cooking
  • oh shit this has a scroll wheel
  • linguistics
  • soil ecology
  • generative programming
  • conlanging, especially auxlangs (but not Esperanto lol)
  • keeping up with Annual Reviews in order to occasionally reference an article or major development within a field and make people think I know more than I do
  • maths; particularly social choice, game theory, and cellular automata
  • slowness
  • starting projects
  • sharing projects & collabing
  • making long syllabi and learning plans to learn about topics I never got a chance to study (but not actually following those plans)
  • antilibraries
  • participating in niche online communities/forums
  • the indie web
  • reading just enough of a book to quote the one part of the book that stuck out to me (again, making me seem a lot more well-read than I am)
  • composting
  • gardening
  • traditions
  • web standards and the a11y space
  • open-source
  • sourdough starters (and sometimes making bread with them)
  • appropriate technologies
  • data visualization
  • traditional architecure techniques
  • bikes
  • electoral politics and modelling
  • dumpster diving
  • sharing
  • libraries of things

What's there to do here?

I do this thing where I make some main repo for my million of quick project ideas. Usually it serves as a nest for projects and if I'm really into it I'll spin it up into a separate project. A good example is my project VoteVote which is a little toy I'm working on to allow you to compare dozens of different voting systems in one go using color as a metaphor. Voters and candidates are both represented by color and how much a voter prefers a candidate is determined by their RGB distance to that candidate. It actually started here and then I learned D3 to make this which soon turned into an exploration of a few more. Then it finally got it's own domain at votevote.page!

The first attempt to collect my miniprojects happened at /toys and was made with vanilla HTML/CSS/JS. Then I decided to try a create-react-app for my second attempt at it. I made some architectural mistakes I eventually got fed up with enough to make a third attempt at dontplay.netlify.app. Still a create-react-app and I haven't even finished setting it up. But since then I've tried out Svelte, Elm, Next.js, Preact, and a few other alternatives to the one big SPA approach CRA lends itself for. So I'm researching micro-frontends to see if I can still do it all in one for my next big iteration of this.

Other places you may find remnants of my projects are CodePen (a few experiments), Are.na (not yet), ReplIt (a few slightly larger experiments), FreeCodeCamp (I actually never really learned much here but I like the community), Dribble (not yet), OpenProcessing (not much there yet)

Functioning projects

Here's some stuff you can actually play with.

Things I somewhat actively maintain

Projects with other people

Unfinished projects

Steal these ideas! Or collab with me!

Other corners of the internet I crawl

Other places I maintain an internet presence but won't link here include BookWyrm, Mastodon, Wikipedia, iNaturalist, and various forums (e.g. votingtheory.org and talkelections.org).

Accounts I'm ashamed to hold include LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter. I also like coding challenge sites like CodeWars, Exercism.org, and even LeetCode.